Where is God in your life?

During challenging times, we quickly become discouraged and even wonder where God is. Why is He allowing us to suffer? Most of the time, I can look at my life … Continue Reading →

With God, all things are possible

Sometimes I see people on a path similar to the one I used to be on, and my heart aches for the pain that might come to them. I wish … Continue Reading →

The answers are in the stillness

Even though it is challenging, sometimes I like to sit with my failures and allow God to open my eyes. If I am being honest, it’s hard to open my … Continue Reading →

The battle belongs to God, and He is victorious.

Sometimes at the end of the day, when I feel the weakest, the enemy points out all my flaws and weaknesses. He loves to highlight all of my faults and … Continue Reading →

In God’s arms, we are all welcomed and loved.

One of the most incredible things I have learned is to be careful and selective with my thoughts, words, and actions. The world has a specific agenda. If Satan can … Continue Reading →