School Visits

Candida would love to visit your school! She does each classroom as well as school assemblies. It is Candida’s goal to educate, encourage, and inspire others. She is available to speak at your event on any of the topics listed. She can customize her speech to your specific needs.

Time: 3o minutes to 1 hour

Price: Contact Candida for pricing information and availability at or


Speaking Topics

  • Understanding and Celebrating Differences— Candida addresses her scars caused by Amniotic Band Syndrome and her viewpoint on life. She makes sure the kids understand that she survived the trauma and is alive to love and to be loved. She never allows her condition to become pitied or viewed as anything but a blessing.
  • Bullying— Candida knows the effects and turmoil of bullying causes. She has lived it and overcomes it. She reinforces positive behavior when it comes to any type of bad situations. She encourages the children to fight bullying with kindness. Candida explains to the kids that the ones, who treat us the worst in life, need our kindness the most.
  • Making a Difference— Candida always encourages the children to strive to make their world a better place. She promotes working hard, helping others, and the benefits of a smile.
  • Overcoming Circumstances—Candida shares some of her struggles and as well her secrets to overcoming hardships. She offers tips and hope for beating the odds.
  • Literacy Encouragement—Candida highlights the gifts of reading. She points out the benefits and rallies to get the kids excited about books.
  • Positive Thinking—Candida discusses the power of positive thinking. She uses examples and shows how important it is to train our minds to think for success.
  • Becoming a Survivor—Candida addresses the fact that bad things do happen to us sometimes, but she uses her life story to teach others how to transform from a victim to a survivor.


Following are various types of school visits that Candida offers. She also offers custom visits for each school to meet individual needs. She will also talk about any topic listed above at the teacher’s request. Candida always provides an opportunity for kids to ask her questions.

  • Story Time and Zippy Mask – Preschool through 1st grade
    Candida will read her book to the students, and the class will make a Zippy mask afterward. She uses the mask to show the beauty of differences. She also gives the students a Zippy coloring sheet from her book.

Total time: 3o minutes to 1 hour
Price: Contact Candida for pricing information and availability at

  • Zippy Play – 2nd grade through 4th grade
    Students will get an opportunity to act out one of Candida’s books. She will have different masks for the characters in her books, and children will actually be a part of the story. Afterwards, she will talk about being an author.

Total time: 3o minutes to 1 hour
Price: Contact Candida for pricing information and availability at

  • Writing Workshop – 5th grade through 8th grade
    Candida will use her book Zippy and the Stripes of Courage to explain the process of picture book writing. She will go through the steps and even show how to make a “practice” book. The children may also share their stories with her.

Total time: 1-3 hours
Price:  Contact Candida for pricing information and availability at

  • Her book and Story – Single classrooms or school assemblies, any age
    Candida will read her book and cover many of topics listed above in her personal story. This is her general and most requested visit.

Total time: 1 hour
Price: Contact Candida for pricing information and availability at

Students love Zippy and always want a book to take home. Candida offers a special discount and autographs each book purchased. She encourages the school to send home a note to parents to explain her visit and give them a chance to pre-purchase book(s) for the child.



Candida Sullivan is an author and friend who showcases her strengths and passion through her programs and books. Her testimony and words of encouragement for others who feel like they don’t belong or bullied because they are different is so powerful when she does a speaking program. Through her Zippy book journey, she has captivated audiences everywhere because children can and do relate to her stories. She is the “real” deal and will have you wiping a tear (or many) before the program ends. Captivating, motivating and engaging you won’t hear a pin drop when she tells her story!

Linda Partin, Frakes FRYSC Coordinator

Don’t miss the opportunity to have Candida Sullivan visit your school or Church group. She is incredibly inspiring and can connect with people of all ages. Candida has a story and testimony that will touch any audience.

Farra Shoffner, Coordinator, Middlesboro Family Resource Center

To refer to Candida Sullivan as a motivational speaker is an understatement. She has visited my classes at Southeast KY Community & Technical College on several occasions, moving some of my students to tears. Her enthusiasm and positive spirit always inspire those who are blessed to meet her and hear her story.

Amy Simpson, Associate Professor of English & Director, Middlesborough Little Theatre


Watch this video as Candida shares Zippy21161_10152817458187569_7034348766148941568_n 1011636_10152763854427569_5422494258867457038_n 1937456_10152300618377569_8321373620273243287_n 10342769_10204597489756373_4883001216485356151_n 10439508_10152817459367569_5408512677564581733_n 10606575_936909569669319_1672241109589013420_n 10615391_4950966588565_8303667390191012294_n 10930930_10152817457692569_2387799534764490942_n 10956995_10152817457647569_5040360292839147488_n 10981658_10152763854867569_7863280054626202618_n 10996490_10152714025111935_8734639436493753493_n 11016718_10152817459062569_3174923175945893700_n 11018149_10152756415537569_2978708648417538894_n 11025772_10152763855447569_6897498916597577003_n 11034251_10152763853862569_5569598102349933758_n 11044544_10152763851362569_3925398055915605616_n 11046608_10152763855607569_2048521065321491593_n 11046724_10152756413957569_5311241721387953435_n 11046787_10152763852112569_1426614149980878545_n 11046972_10152756414977569_6519491861585069496_n 11051932_10152817458522569_5092706157544991312_n 11078163_10152817459152569_7121968836076458382_n 11079612_10152817458317569_7198754244462398033_n 11079659_10152817459267569_4876034722914864360_n 11081362_10152817459537569_4765656208093098253_n 11082512_10152817458077569_159744404581189854_n 11091157_10152817458927569_8401326230077010429_n 11091219_10152817457817569_6519214551348093805_n 11115595_10152817458817569_3169798797447408441_n482313_10151490482686001_310868135_n

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