The answers are in the stillness

Even though it is challenging, sometimes I like to sit with my failures and allow God to open my eyes. If I am being honest, it’s hard to open my eyes and see my faults and failures in a positive, growth kind of way. Before I do this, I give myself grace and realize I did my best with my circumstances, emotions, and thoughts at that particular time.

Without grace, I beat myself up for not knowing then what I know now, which is not helpful. So when I enter the mindset of reviewing my past, I do it with prayer. I ask God to teach me.

Anytime I experience pain, it creates a memory for me. If the pain is great enough, I am willing to learn so I won’t have to repeat it. In all reality, I’ve learned so much from my failures.

I’ve wasted time, money, and opportunities trying to do everything myself. I’ve learned to make time to sit with God every day. I need His wisdom, perspective, and guidance on all things.

God did not intend for us to do life alone. He can do more in one second than I can do in a lifetime. God knows every outcome. He knows what the future holds. Therefore, I need to spend as much time with Him to make the best decisions and truly learn about living.

One of the ways the enemy derailed my journey was by making me busy. My schedule was so packed for a while that I didn’t take the time to sit with my Lord. All those missed daily appointments caused me to wonder about my hardships, trying to figure it out for years.

But instead of going to the Lord, I looked to other people. I’m not sure why I thought someone else could tell me how to do the Lord’s work. But I did.

While this was not intentional, it’s what I did. I read books instead of praying. I listened to podcasts and audiobooks continuously instead of listening for the still, small voice of the Lord.

It can be really uncomfortable to turn off all the world’s noise and sit in the stillness, listening to God.

I wrote the words instead of listening to them. So I caused confusion and heartache for myself. It’s not enough to hear God’s word; we have to apply it to our lives. When I started listening to my Lord and being obedient, He helped me.

So often, I make things complicated and complex when they are uncomplicated and easy.

I need God to help me process life. I must take every thought captive and ask Him for guidance and a Godly perception. God is the One who can open my eyes to the things I don’t want to see. God can give me ideas that I would have never been able to think of before. The more I talk to Him and work with Him, the more amazing He becomes to me.

The enemy has so many snares for me. He is constantly trying to derail me. The only way to defeat him is by following my Lord. God knows every trap and trick and can guide me safely through the battlefield.

Every day, God waits for us to choose to spend time with Him. He wants to show us how to create our best life and live fully.

Photo by Connor Martin on Unsplash

Have a beautiful day!

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