In God’s arms, we are all welcomed and loved.

One of the most incredible things I have learned is to be careful and selective with my thoughts, words, and actions. The world has a specific agenda. If Satan can get us to turn on each other, we will destroy each other, and he will delight in our demise.

It is so much easier for us to see the sins and faults of others than it is to stand in nakedness and see our own. We like to maximize the wrongdoings of others so that we can feel better about ourselves. It’s tough to stand before the Lord and ask Him to reveal our sins, faults, and failures and help us work on them.

When I do my absolute best to work on my problems and love God and others as He instructed, I don’t have the time nor desire to judge others. Judgment is a heavy load to carry.

I see so many things that tear others down. We laugh and make fun of others for their choices and stand so tall in our judgments that we forget we are supposed to be on our knees praying for those confused and struggling.

I’ve quoted scripture about how others should live, not sin, and neglected to pray for them. In my judgment, I forgot that I was supposed to be shining a light of love into their darkness. Standing for God’s truth is not about quoting scriptures; more importantly, it’s about living those beautiful truths before those who need to see them in action.

When others are struggling, the last thing they need is judgment from another sinner. What they need instead is a gesture of love. Loving others in the depths of their pain gives them hope.

Love can move mountains.

If we see someone struggling, we should tell Jesus about them. He died for every sin. His blood can cover it all. And then we should love them as Jesus loves us.

People don’t need us to judge or try to save them. That’s God’s business. Our business is to love from a pure heart of God redeemed through salvation.

Oh, sweet friends, the loving is so much better. I’ve sat with those in deep pain, and I’ve also caused pain. God has blessed me to connect with those in great suffering. And in those precious moments, when it stops being about right and wrong and sin, and the love takes over, our souls connect. Underneath it all, we are the same.

We all fight the same enemy. We all feel pain, shame, guilt, anger, fear, and insecurities. We all sin. We all need to feel like we belong. We are all worthy of love.

And while it seems righteous to stand for God’s truth, it is not so holy when we cast our stones still covered in our sins. I honestly don’t have the right to judge anyone else. Nor do I desire to do that in my heart. In my judgment, my love turns cold. And Jesus commanded me to love.

I hope that my words NEVER again cause someone else pain. I pray that my actions never cause someone else pain. How we treat other people is how we treat the Lord. What we say about His children is what we say about Him.

Amid their struggle, I desire to show others the ONE who can help them overcome it all. Therefore, I want my words and actions to be kind, loving, compassionate, and pleasing to God. I want to be so loving that it makes others want to know my God.

When others see me, I pray they see a sinner saved by God’s amazing grace. I hope they see that the love of God can change people, and they will want to be changed too. Instead of pushing people to the enemy, I want to help them to the Lord. In a world of despair, I want to offer HOPE.

Sweet friends, we are on a mission for the Lord. Regardless of other people’s lifestyles or beliefs, I want them to know that Jesus loves them. He died for them. And He is waiting for them to come to Him. In God’s arms, we are all welcome and loved.

Photo by Alex Shute on Unsplash

Have a beautiful day!

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