How often do we settle for the crumbs of life when God wants to give us so much more?

Sometimes I think about the children of Isreal and how when life got tough in the wilderness, they wished to be back in Egypt, even though they were in bondage … Continue Reading →

God is able!

Hope fills my heart as I think about the empty grave on Easter and the mighty power behind Jesus’ resurrection. Regardless of my situation, I know God is more powerful … Continue Reading →

Thank you, Jesus!

I’m not sure they are words big enough or powerful enough to explain what happened to Jesus. Today my heart feels a little sad at what all He had to … Continue Reading →

My new motto: Don’t worry, pray

I am determined to break the worry cycle in my life. I woke up again, in the middle of the night, with worry attacking and surrounding me. The moment I … Continue Reading →

Are you borrowing trouble?

I have to ask myself continuously that question nowadays. My mind likes to make up stories. And when things feel fearful, my mind tends toward dark places. In the darkness, … Continue Reading →