Where is God in your life?

During challenging times, we quickly become discouraged and even wonder where God is. Why is He allowing us to suffer? Most of the time, I can look at my life and see where God ranks in my list of priorities. Where do I put God in my life?

When I put God first in my life, He will help me with everything. If I take the time to read my Bible, it strengthens and encourages me. God can help me to see things differently, and He can help me through my hardships. But I must spend time with Him, listening and praying, if I want Him to help me. If I don’t take the time to seek God, then it’s hard for me to see Him in my life, especially if my focus is on my hardships.

I am so bad at putting God in a box and limiting His power with my thinking. When I determine His power in my mind, I don’t ask Him for things beyond what I conceive because I doubt His ability to give them to me. And therein lies the majority of my problems.

Therefore, I need to take God out of the little box filled with limitations I have placed on Him and put Him back on His all-powerful throne in Heaven. I need to read my Bible and discover for myself who God is. I need to look for the miracles around me and give Him credit for all the amazing things He does in my life every day.

In some ways, God is who we believe He is. If we believe He is all-powerful, strong, wise, compassionate, etc., then He will be to us because we will look for His goodness in our lives and praise Him for it. But if we believe that He abandons us, punishes us, forsakes us, and allows us to suffer, we will look for ways to think about those things in our lives.

If we want God to answer our prayers, we must believe He will. We can’t accept limitations without asking God to help us overcome them. We suffer so many hardships because we don’t take it all to the Lord in prayer. God can help us with all things.

When I feel stressed or overwhelmed, I pause and see where I have put God in my life. He has the wisdom to help us daily with everything, but we don’t always seek His knowledge. We tend to believe what the enemy tells us. The bad stuff is usually easier for us to believe.

The Lord hears the cries of our hearts. When we cry out to Him correctly, He will listen to us. And if He hears us, the Bible tells us that we have the petitions we have desired of Him.

Sweet friends, I know that times are hard. We don’t get to choose whether or not we want to be in this storm. But we do, however, get to choose whose hand we want to hold as we walk through these hardships. We can allow God to hold our hands and walk with us through this storm, or we can hold onto the enemy. God always gives us the freedom of choice.

Photo by Henrik Jacobson on Unsplash

We need to seek the One who can calm the storms.

Have a beautiful day!

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