Candida Sullivan: Author, mother, wife, & survivor of Amniotic Band Syndrome

Candida Sullivan is the Spokesperson for the Children’s Reading Foundation of Appalachia, Kentucky.


EXCITING NEWS: New Zippy book to be released spring 2014. 

book cover Zippy's Club (2)


ZIPPY’S CLUB invites kids to be part of the anti-bullying team. It teaches them how to overcome bullying with kindness and to celebrate one another’s differences. The book includes a section from a nationally certified counselor to help initiate conversations with kids about bullying, as well as a letter from Candida telling her personal story. In Zippy’s Club, Candida shares that while we can’t control how others treat us, we can decide how we act toward them. Both she and Zippy encourage us to be the type of people who lifts others up, instead of knocking them down.

Zippy’s Club Motto: The ones, who treat us the worst, need our kindness the most.

And more EXCITING NEWS: Zippy’s Club is going to be a play.

The Middlesboro Little Theatre has adapted the book for the stage. Thirty-five area children bring this delightful story about bullying, friendship, and kindness to life.  Through powerful emotion, they make us all want to be part of the Zippy’s Club.

Poster for Zippy's Club

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