Are you going to give up so easily on your dreams?

Are you going to give up so easily on your dreams?   Every time I sit down to write or even think about writing, the resistance shows up. The enemy … Continue Reading →


As I ended my workout yesterday, the enormity of it hit me. I just ran/walked for over two hours. This accomplishment means so much to me because a few years … Continue Reading →


What I miss about going to church

      I miss going to church. As I sit here and type this, tears roll down my face. I want to hear the church sing, feel the testimonies, … Continue Reading →


What lie are you believing?

For years, I believed the lie the enemy told me. As a teenager, he told me I would never find anyone to love me nor have kids. I cried myself … Continue Reading →


Gratitude is the antidote to pain

I don’t know the pain of real suffering. Most of the time, I confuse my heartaches with suffering. Yet, I have never endured one battle without the Lord by my … Continue Reading →