Let love be your roadmap

When my boys were younger and struggling with various things, I asked God to give me a way to help them. As a mom, it is hard to watch our … Continue Reading →

How do you make people feel?

Recently, I ran into someone I hadn’t seen in years. The context of our conversation instantly made me feel bad. And I remembered how he treated me when I was … Continue Reading →

Exciting News: Zippy’s Club Journal Coming Soon

Don’t let anyone tell you how BIG your dream can be. God put something in my heart to create that I had never seen before. Therefore, it intimidated me. So, … Continue Reading →

Look up!

Sometimes, amid the pain and stress, we need to know that everything will be okay. It’s one thing when someone tells us it will be okay and another entirely when … Continue Reading →

In God’s eyes, we all fit in

All too well, I remember the pain of wanting just to be normal. In my mind, my scars prevented me from living the life that I had imagined for myself. … Continue Reading →