Candida Sullivan: Author, mother, wife, & survivor of Amniotic Band Syndrome

Candida Sullivan is the Spokesperson for the Children’s Reading Foundation of Appalachia, Kentucky.


So often, as a child, I wished for someone who would understand my pain and be able to help me—without me having to admit my heartaches. That is why I write books that are so personal. By sharing my pain and fears, faults and failures, faith and courage, and battles and victories, I’m able to connect with those who are hurting and going through similar battles. Sometimes all we need to know is that someone else has walked a mile in our shoes, and overcome the enemy. I’ve had people contact me, after reading one of my books, and ask me if I wrote the book specifically for them. That is powerful! So I would like to give you one of my e-books. Perhaps it will speak to your heart as well.

Underneath the Scars is the fee e-book for today, August 22, 2015. Hope you take a moment to download your copy and then share the link with your friends so they can download it as well. Underneath the Scars is a journey of emotional and spiritual healing associated with physical deformities. You will laugh, cry, and reflect as Candida shares her story and the woman underneath her scars.
Link to information about free e-book:
Candida Sullivan's story about overcoming Amniotic Band Syndrome.

Candida Sullivan’s story about overcoming Amniotic Band Syndrome.

Exciting News: Upcoming New Release for June 2015

Book Cover DYC

Despite Your Circumstances shows us the power of the mind as it embraces a positive and thankful attitude, and demonstrates how to build a rich life filled with meaning and joy. The author uses seemingly impossible situations in her life to prove that you can be an overcomer despite your circumstances.


Despite Your Circumstances shows us the power of the mind as it embraces an attitude of positivity and gratitude and shows us how we can build a rich life filled with meaning and joy beyond our challenging circumstances.”

Harriet Cabelly, Social Worker and Life Coach at Rebuild Life Now


Despite Your Circumstances beautifully illustrates the human struggle to overcome circumstances beyond our control. The transformative power of God’s love and radical acceptance leap off the pages.”

Jason Kishpaugh, LPC-MHSP, Licensed Professional Mental Health Counselor

“I love how this book encourages us all to defeat the negative thoughts and change them to positive God thoughts. This is a true lesson on how to transform your perspective on life circumstances.”

Beth Stewart, founder of Triumphant Living radio ministry, CEO of Beth Stewart Ministries,

and author of Dreams NEVER Expire

“This book will forever change your perspective by showing you how to shift your thinking to live a positive victorious life empowered by God. It will challenge you to rise above circumstances and remind you that as you think, so shall it be.”

Terri Meredith, Terri Meredith Ministries

EXCITING NEWS: New Zippy book in the Zippy Series 

book cover Zippy's Club (2)

Zippy’s Club was nominated for the Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year Award 2015.  Please use this link and vote for Zippy’s Club. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.

ZIPPY’S CLUB invites kids to be part of the anti-bullying team. It teaches them how to overcome bullying with kindness and to celebrate one another’s differences. The book includes a section from a nationally certified counselor to help initiate conversations with kids about bullying, as well as a letter from Candida telling her personal story. In Zippy’s Club, Candida shares that while we can’t control how others treat us, we can decide how we act toward them. Both she and Zippy encourage us to be the type of people who lifts others up, instead of knocking them down.

Zippy’s Club Motto: The ones, who treat us the worst, need our kindness the most.

Endorsements for Zippy’s Club

“Zippy’s Club will become another treasured tool for families to read together.”

Debbie Knuckles, Director of the Children’s Reading Foundation of Appalachia- Kentucky

“Empowers the reader to respond to adversity with positivity, courage, and strength.”

Tony Memmel, Amputee and musician,

“Certain to captivate young readers. Illustrations are just as wonderful as narrative!”

Meg Zucker, founder, blogger, and author,

 “Zippy’s Club is a wonderful opportunity to engage young children in the difficult topic of bullying. Candida does a great job of looking at the issue from all angles, which will help teach children to empathize with others. I love that she does not shy away from the very real consequences that can occur from bullying. In today’s world it is very important to have an open dialogue with children about bullying, and Zippy’s Club helps adults do just that.”

Kaye Thomas, MS, Licensed Psychological Associate and School Based Therapist

 “A gem to be treasured….a wonderfully entertaining and inspiring story that captures the dynamics of the bully, the bullied, and the bystanders. Full of courage, compassion, and above all else, hope…a helpful intervention tool for professionals and parents who desire to make a difference in the lives of children who are being bullied.”

Dr. Rick Metrick, LPC, ALPS, Director of Total Life Counseling, Inc.


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