Finding Your Motivation

People ask me all the time to motivate them to workout. They want to exercise, but they just don’t feel like doing it. Trust me, I understand.

For years, I dabbled in it myself. I worked out occasionally to make myself feel better about it. It was something that I knew I should be doing, but I never really made it a priority. If I had time and felt like it, I would workout a little. Otherwise, I would only talk about it. 

When I woke up one day, barely able to walk, with numbness and tingling down my legs, and in so much pain that it made me cry, my health took on a whole new meaning. Suddenly, being able to walk again without pain was very important to me. 

It didn’t just happen for me. I had to fight for it. It was one of the toughest battles that I have ever faced. Reclaiming my health through changes to my diet, my mindset, and fitness was hard. Many times throughout the process I broke down in tears and wanted to quit. Living without constant pain, however, was my motivation. 

The reason why we do certain things is so important. The force driving us to change has to be stronger than the one trying to stop us. If we have a strong enough why, we can accomplish any goal and overcome any hardship. 

Every time that I want to snooze instead of doing my workout, I think about what it felt like to lie in the bed for months. Every time that I think about eating too much sugar, I am reminded of how it feels to be filled with inflammation. When I want to forgo my gluten free diet and have a doughnut, I think about how it feels to be covered in a rash, with my throat swollen, constant brain fog, headache, and overwhelming pain. 

My health is very important to me, and it is the reason why I am so determined and disciplined. I have lived the life of not exercising and eating whatever I wanted. When I look back on it, I am reminded of tremendous pain. I never want to go back to that place again. So every day I make the decision to heal my body, instead of hurting it. That is my motivation. 

Once you establish a strong enough why, nothing will be able to stop you. If you’d like for me to help you, send me a message:

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