God will fight for you

What a blessing it is to know that God will fight for us. God knew us before we were even born. His love for us is pure and strong. Nothing … Continue Reading →


Joy overcomes pain

In our minds, we can’t even understand how much God loves us. We have no idea how He protects us and the amazing plans that He has for our lives. … Continue Reading →


Don’t sweat the small stuff

Don’t sweat the small stuff. This needs to be my mantra. So many times I have allowed myself to get upset over things that don’t even matter. Instead of releasing … Continue Reading →


Faith over fear

Life can change in an instant. We don’t know what the future holds. For some, that thought can be filled with excitement and wonder, and for others, it may be … Continue Reading →


God loves us right where we are

God doesn’t cast us away when we fail and come short. He understands that we are only human. We make mistakes and go in the wrong direction at times. Regardless … Continue Reading →