Zippy’s Club Journal: Be the Best You Can Be

If you love encouraging books to help kids overcome life’s most difficult challenges, you will fall in love with Zippy and his new book.

Zippy’s Club Journal is a tool to help kids with their mindset. It uses a blend of skills and scripture to help kids learn how to overcome challenges and become their best selves. Every day, Zippy takes kids on a treasure hunt of their day and teaches them how to think, who they are, and what to do to live their best lives.

Every day starts with a powerful I am affirmation, followed by words of encouragement. Then, the kids can write three things they are grateful for and three things they love. The journal teaches them to focus on the good things in their lives. Next, they look for someone to help, do some fun exercise, and journal about the best part of their day. Every day ends with a scripture to memorize.

During the 30-day experience, kids will complete the following steps daily. After each week, kids get to answer questions to review their progress.

This journal is the book I needed when I was younger, states author Candida Sullivan. I struggled with feeling good enough and worthy, anxiety over being different, making friends, and seeing the good through my overwhelming circumstances.

I used to cry in the bathroom stall in middle school and beg God to send someone to help me. Now, I want to be that person for others. The tools in this journal are the very things I used in my life to change my mindset and learn to overcome my challenges. There is even a thought formula that changed how I saw my scars.

Zippy’s Club Journal is available now through Candida only. To order, send her an email at or click here . If you want the complete Zippy series, click here.

For every classroom or group that orders at least 20 journals, Candida will do a FREE local visit to show the kids how to use the journal and answer any questions for them. Please message her to order your books and schedule your visit today.

Endorsements for Zippy’s Club Journal:

“It’s positive, it’s encouraging, and Christ-focused! It helps you to be more mindful of being accepting of and serving others with a thankful heart.”
Diana Johnson
Director of Family Care Ministries
Connie Maxwell Children’s Ministries

“Candida Sullivan’s character, Zippy, helps children heal from challenging situations, encourages the expression of feelings, and is spiritually uplifting. As a child counselor, I often encourage children to draw and journal. “Zippy’s Club Journal” is a beautiful, positive, and uplifting way to show kids how much God loves them and teaches hope and forgiveness.”
Jill Osborne, EDS, LPC, CPCS, RPT-S

“I have been a school guidance counselor for 18 years. It is so important for young adolescents to understand how to build confidence, positivity, and self-worth! This book by Candida would be WONDERFUL for young adolescents to read and work through; by the end, I could see how it would make anyone more positive about themselves!
Theresa Allen
Middle School Guidance Counselor

“Very well done and much appreciated. Anyone who heartfully takes the steps you outline will have a changed mindset and a recalibrated orientation toward finding strength in the Lord, practicing gratitude, appreciating hard work, welcoming sacrifice, and watching for joy, and will develop more, timeless character-shaping tools. The prompts are great, the check-ins to chart progress are such a good touch, and the depth of spiritual content are really solid, love how you shared your own testimony at the end and real-life results (proof!) of the principles you’re teaching.”
Tony Memmel
Motivational Speaker

“Candida Sullivan’s Zippy’s Club Journal combines Biblical truths with time honored wellness techniques such as positive affirmations, a thankful mindset, and service to others, to assist her readers in overcoming life’s challenges. I highly recommend it.”
Jason Kishpaugh
Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

˜”This is amazing work!!! I want to use it in my practice as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner as homework for my patients during therapy sessions!”
Jennie K. Nolan

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