Promote What You Love

Far too many times, I’ve heard the expression, shameless self-promotion. When I first started writing, I joined a writer’s group and this was a term that was often used when referring to promoting one’s own writing or self. For whatever reason, it crawled inside of me and spread like poison. Now every time that I share my blog, share about my fitness business, or share my books, I feel this sense of guilt. 

This guilt is holding me back. It makes me feel as if by sharing my writing, or my fitness journey that I am bragging on myself. But that is the story the devil has weaved. He wants me to be silent about the things which are important to me. Of course, he wants me to promote my complaints and negative opinions. Anything that could help someone else, however, comes with feelings of fear and uncertainty. 

God gives us stories and life experiences to share. He wants us to help each other. When we have the solution to someone else’s problem, then it would be so selfish of us not to share it. If our story would give someone drowning in depression hope, then why would we not share it with them? If we have the tools to help someone lose weight and feel better, then why would we not offer it to them? This is the realization that I had recently. And it changed the story that I’ve been telling myself for years. 

Sharing my story and promoting my passion is my gift. The true shame would be for me to bury my talent, and not use it to help others. I love writing, talking about God, exercising, drinking Shakeology, and eating healthy foods. All the things that I talk about make a difference in my life, and that is why I want to share them with you. 

Love and blessings, 


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