My Thumb: One Year Later

One year ago today, my life changed.  I still remember the excitement as we traveled to the hospital. Everyone who entered my hospital room knew that I was getting a … Continue Reading →

The Lord Is On Our Side

The devil is sneaky. He comes at us in so many different ways that it’s hard to recognize him at times. Mainly, he works in our thoughts. He is the … Continue Reading →

Today, I Get To

How often do we go through out our days, complaining about all the things that we have to do? I am so guilty of this. So often I make my … Continue Reading →

Try Something New

Lately, I’ve been experiencing more pain in my back, hip, and foot. Part of my problem is that I sit at a computer for hours working. Another problem is the … Continue Reading →

Conquering My Day

Every day we start with a blank canvas. We get to decide how we will use our day. Once we make good habits and get momentum going with our day, … Continue Reading →