Please, don’t ignore the warning signs

Have you ever read something you’ve previously written and felt the anguish in the words?  This morning I read something I wrote from one of the most challenging times in … Continue Reading →

A strong will and God’s favor is the key to success

The enemy took some of my fingers. He damaged my feet and right arm. Every day he shows up and attacks and tries to get me to quit.  He tells … Continue Reading →

5 EXCUSES holding us back from living the life we desire

EXCUSE #1I don’t know what to do. It lets me off the hook. I mean, how am I supposed to do things that I don’t know how to do? It … Continue Reading →

Live like you are dying

One day it will all be over. My life will come to an end. God knows the date. He knows the exact time. Right now, my life is on a … Continue Reading →

One of God’s greatest gifts

Happy Mother’s Day, sweet friends! Being a mom is one of God’s greatest gifts. God gave me such an incredible gift by giving me, my Mom. She is the perfect … Continue Reading →