Zippy’s Club Journal: Be the Best You Can Be

If you love encouraging books to help kids overcome life’s most difficult challenges, you will fall in love with Zippy and his new book. Zippy’s Club Journal is a tool … Continue Reading →

Will you help me so I can help others?

For over a decade now, Zippy and I have tried making a real difference in kids’ lives. We’ve traveled to schools, shared our stories, and then been incredibly humbled by … Continue Reading →

Why do I suddenly need to clean everything when it’s time to work?

I’m now fighting the urge to turn off my computer and clean my house. Why? Because I have a long list of things I want to do today. I have … Continue Reading →

Why I stopped trying to be the perfect Christian.

The enemy tried to convince me that I needed to be perfect to worship God and do His work. I needed to say the right things, act in a Christian … Continue Reading →

Do you feel uncomfortable in conversations sometimes?

Sometimes, we go through tough things that aren’t easy to discuss. I’ve been in places where my heart felt shattered and my soul weary. In the overwhelming pain of it … Continue Reading →

Do you love yourself?

It’s one thing to be loved and another entirely to feel loved. Sometimes, we don’t feel love from others because we withhold it from ourselves. We think other people are … Continue Reading →