How to live inspired when you feel overwhelmed and stressed

Do you ever feel like you are drowning in chaos? The demands of everyday life can hit us hard. Maybe you feel stretched thin. As if there is more work … Continue Reading →


Are you going to give up so easily on your dreams?

Are you going to give up so easily on your dreams?   Every time I sit down to write or even think about writing, the resistance shows up. The enemy … Continue Reading →


As I ended my workout yesterday, the enormity of it hit me. I just ran/walked for over two hours. This accomplishment means so much to me because a few years … Continue Reading →


What I miss about going to church

      I miss going to church. As I sit here and type this, tears roll down my face. I want to hear the church sing, feel the testimonies, … Continue Reading →


What lie are you believing?

For years, I believed the lie the enemy told me. As a teenager, he told me I would never find anyone to love me nor have kids. I cried myself … Continue Reading →