Why Patience is the Key to Success

How many times have we wanted to give up or have actually given up, when the blessings was right around the corner? It happens to us all. Most of the time we want instant gratification for our efforts. While that may occur occasionally, it usually takes time to see any fruits from our labors. Waiting and working, and believing that it will happen can be so difficult. But patience plays a big role in our success. 

It took me seven years to get published. During that time, I wanted to give up on many occasions. My mind struggled to believe in the process. In my heart, I knew that if I worked hard and did not faint, when times became hard, that God would bless my efforts. Still it wasn’t easy. A few times, it seemed hopeless and my mind encouraged me to give up—move onto something else that would actually be profitable. But my heart always had a tiny flicker of hope. 

It was that tiny spark of hope that helped me to continue going, when I really wanted to quit. Because when we do something of importance and value, we will struggle with the process. Our focus, however, needs to be on what we have to gain—if we don’t give up.

I had two books released on the same day. Even through the years of rejection, I continued to write and believe. And when the time was right, God blessed my efforts. He taught me so much about patience through the process of writing and waiting. The journey created a memory for me. Now when I’m struggling with something difficult, and it seems that it may never happen, I go back to that journey and remember how He took care of that situation for me. The memory gives me hope and renews my strength. 

It took me three years to write my book, Despite Your Circumstances. It took almost a year for me to write it. Then my publisher asked me to rewrite parts of it. And that process took another two years. I was so frustrated with the book that I wanted to rip up my contract and just forget about it. However, I finished it, and it won a Book of the Year Award. 

God wants us to be patient. Things will not always happen when we want them to, but when we persevere despite the obstacles and trials, God will reward our efforts. 

It’s the same way with a healthy lifestyle. We often start with big expectations, but when we don’t immediately get the results that we desire, we quit. If we would continue, however, and realize that it takes time and a daily effort, then we would be able to get the results that we want. 

When we are working toward a goal or waiting for a prayer to be answered, then we need to remember these three things. 

  1. God always does what it best for us, even though we may not understand it at the time. 
  2. Everything has an appointed time.
  3. God is faithful.

Have a wonderful day!

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