Honoring The Struggle

As I sit here with a headache and my rib out of alignment, I’d like nothing better than for the Lord to remove my struggles and heal me from this … Continue Reading →

Snow Day = No Church

It is cold and snowy today in my neck of the woods. While it doesn’t normally bother me to be snowed in, I really hate when it falls on a … Continue Reading →

We Become What We Believe

We often complicate things, and make them so much harder than what they really are. Easy makes us uncomfortable. If it’s something big and profound, then our mind needs a … Continue Reading →

Stop The Shame Game

We often compare ourselves to others and when we don’t measure up according to our assessment, we feel ashamed. How often do we pick ourselves apart and say horrible things … Continue Reading →

The Beauty of Compassion and Love

One of my biggest struggles in life has been my ability to show compassion to myself. It may seem crazy, but it’s true. For so long, I didn’t accept my … Continue Reading →