When did you give up on your dreams?

Most of us don’t have a definitive date and time. We skip one day, then another. Until a whole year has passed, and we are so far away from where we want to be that we don’t know how nor have the desire to go back. So we forget about the person we were supposed to become and everything we wanted to do.

We settle for an ordinary life that resembles everyone else’s and never thoroughly learn how to live.

For a while, I lingered in the rut of mediocracy. I did what I had to do, but nothing more. I went to work, wasted time on things that drained me, cleaned my house, and lived a barely-get-by lifestyle. The enemy told me I was stuck. And to be honest, I liked the comfort zone I had created for myself.

That is, until I didn’t.

I had plans to go to the gym and get my diet healthier again. But every day, I broke the promises I made to myself. I kept telling myself I would wake up early tomorrow and definitely start writing tomorrow.

Years ago, I asked God what I needed to do daily to make my dreams come true. He gave me a list. Do you know it’s been seven years, and I am just now accomplishing my daily list?

For seven years, I made excuses. I procrastinated every day. And I carried around all the disappointments, dreams, goals, failures, and heartaches. I let it all weigh me down until it seemed too hard to start.

When the enemy whispered sleep in, I did. When he whispered, you can write tomorrow, I put it off. When he said you don’t need to work out, I agreed. When he told me you are not good enough to do this work, I nodded.

He never told me to quit because he knew quitting was not an option for me, so he gave me enough excuses to keep me procrastinating and stay safely tucked in the corner of my comfort zone.

Now, I can see it. But then, I couldn’t see the enemy’s ways partly because I didn’t want to see them. I didn’t want to admit that I was sabotaging myself. In some phases, I worked hard. I was working on the wrong things.

But the amazing thing about God is that He can take my failures and turn them into blessings.

Nowadays, I watch myself. I see the timewasters in my day. I listen for the excuses. And I work so hard to overcome the things trying to hold me back and steal my dreams.

I will not die with the words still in my heart. I will not be anything less than what God created me to be. I am no longer chasing a superficial goal. Every day I try to show up as my best self and do what God puts on my heart. It’s a daily struggle. But the reward of a day well lived is such a blessing.

Will you recommit to your dreams today? Will you bravely take that next step toward becoming the best version of yourself?

Have a beautiful day!

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