Love like Jesus

As I read some previous posts from many years ago, I can see the incredible growth in my life. Looking down through time by reading my words gives me a glimpse of the person I used to be. When I see pictures and read the captions of struggle, I am so proud of myself for not giving up.

Today, I get to live the life I dreamed of years ago while I continue to dream and grow into the best version of myself. It’s all such a beautiful process.

While aging certainly comes with challenges, I feel better now than I have ever felt before. I’m learning how to nurture my body, mind, and spirit. I feel at peace with who I am. And I know God in a way I have never known Him.

Things that have helped me tremendously along my journey are gratitude and focusing on what I love.

It all falls into place when we are mindful of what we do and why we do it. Somewhere along the journey, I have learned to love my life. For years, I endured it and suffered through my days partly because I focused on what I didn’t like and complained continuously. After writing my daily list of gratitude and the things I love for years, my mindset has shifted.

I love how the words enter my mind and give me different perspectives. I love the sound of the keys as I type. I love figuring out my problems on paper. I love how God uses this simple practice to teach and spend time with me. It’s such a special time and bond that we have through words.

I love sharing my thoughts and helping others. I love how I never know where to go with the words, but I embrace them and record them. I love it when God shows up and helps me.

Usually, the things we struggle with the most are the most beautiful blessings of our lives. But the enemy tries to steal them.

What do you love, but the enemy is trying to steal from you?

Oh, sweet friends, he will take it all if we let him. Satan wants to destroy what God joins together. He wants our marriages. That’s why the enemy tries to bring small things in between us. He can make things seem so much better with someone else, but he doesn’t tell us about the pain of destroying what God created for us.

He wants our children, too. That’s why he tries to get us to demand perfection from them. It’s an unrealistic expectation. So when our babies can’t live up to the high standards we expect from them, it hurts us both and creates pain that eventually separates us.

The only way to stop it all is to FOCUS on the LOVE. Nothing else matters. Love is one of the greatest gifts God has bestowed on us. Therefore, when we can let go of the heartaches, disappointments, expectations, and desires of the world, we can find a beautiful life filled with so much love.

When we love, we don’t hurt others. That is the enemy’s game.

So when I feel negative emotions, I return to love. I focus on the things I love, and they expand my life. I like to think about it like this. The enemy digs up dirt on everyone and tries to bury them beneath it all. Jesus, on the other hand, knows all of our faults and failures, and He chooses to love us unconditionally. Every day I get to choose who I want to be like.

I want to be like Jesus and love others deeply.

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