Love like Jesus

As I read some previous posts from many years ago, I can see the incredible growth in my life. Looking down through time by reading my words gives me a … Continue Reading →

The Gift Of Love

Love is one of the most treasured gifts that we will ever receive. It breaks through language barriers and has the power to heal. Before we can truly feel the … Continue Reading →

Reacting with Love

How different would our lives be if we reacted to every situation with love? So often I react with judgement, anger, or fear, when I should react with love. We … Continue Reading →

The Secret to Life is Love

Saying goodbye to our loved ones never gets easier. Even though we know that death is the doorway to Heaven, it is still hard to endure. We want to keep … Continue Reading →

Who Are You Really?

I was watching an interview with Oprah and she asked her guest this question. It made me stop and think and examine my life for a moment. Who Am I? … Continue Reading →