How to Take the First Step Toward Your Goals

Some tasks just seem unattainable. The moment we think about them, we place them in the impossible category and assume that we could never do that. And when we declare something impossible, without even trying or giving a half-hearted effort, we cheat ourselves. 

We all have unlimited potential. If we truly gave our life a grand effort, we would astound ourselves. But we often believe our limiting beliefs and give up without a fight. 

Writing a book or even a blog seems overwhelming to me at times. The blank screen can be intimidating. Sometimes my thoughts are scattered and I wonder what I can possibly write that would be helpful to someone else. So often I assume that I don’t have any creative thoughts and never open my laptop to try. I often forget that the only way to write a book, or anything else for that matter, is one word at a time. When I break it down into words it becomes possible for me.

It’s the same way with exercising. Challenging workouts can be intimidating, so we declare ourselves unable to perform them. When we put forth an effort, regardless of how small, and work diligently every day toward our goals, we will achieve the desired results. When I first started running, one minute was challenging for me. But instead of focusing on my inability to run longer, I focused on my ability to run for one minute, and then, eventually added to it. 

We don’t start out the best. It takes practice and persistence to accomplish anything. The key is to start now. We have to start with what we can do, right now at this very minute, and add to it. How many times have we heard the saying, “A year from now you will be so happy you started today”? 

Here is my action plan for today. 

  1. Take the first step—big or small— toward your goals. Today. You don’t have to have it all figured out. Just don’t put it off any longer. 
  2. Change your story. Discard the negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. The enemy will always be screaming in your ear that you can’t do it. Believe that you can do it and you will.
  3. Schedule time to work on you, every single day. Remember that small steps taken daily lead to big results. 

Are you ready to take the first step? The only thing holding you back is what you are telling yourself. 

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Have a wonderful day!

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