Candida’s Story


Candida QuoteCandida Sullivan believes in miracles. Born with a rare condition called Amniotic Band Syndrome (which causes death in most babies before they are ever born), she knows it’s a beautiful blessing she survived. Candida wants to show the world her scars are not a punishment, but instead are a wonderful expression exemplifying God’s love and mercy for her life. She also believes in dreams and knows God can make them come true. Candida lives in Tennessee with her husband and two sons. She teaches Sunday school and loves to be surrounded by the wonder and excitement of kids.

Candida Sullivan's story about living with Amniotic Band Syndrome Candida Sullivan is the Best Selling author of three books dealing with differences. Candida has traveled to seven different counties, sharing her Zippy books and words of encouragement.  She has done forty school visits and spoke at several conferences. Candida has attended numerous book signings and loves every opportunity to meet new friends and share her story of hope. Candida wants her books to showcase differences in a positive way.

“Underneath the Scars” is a journey of emotional and spiritual healing associated with physical deformities. You will laugh, cry, and reflect as Candida shares her story and the woman underneath her scars.

“Zippy and the Stripes of Courage” is a story about how Zippy the zebra came to accept himself for who he is. It teaches children to celebrate one another’s differences and to treat others as they themselves want to be treated. It also shows children how to deal with bullying.

“Zippy’s Big Difference” is a story about how Zippy the zebra came to accept that which makes him different from others. It deals with emotional struggles facing children today with disabilities and tackles some of the tough spiritual questions they have.

Note from Candida:

I’m so thankful that God knew His plan and purpose for me was far greater than anything I had envisioned or dreamed. He blesses me continuously to open my heart and share my struggles, perseverance, and hope with others. It is my heart’s desire to help others accept and celebrate their own differences. Please take a moment to read my books and share them with others. Together we can make a BIG difference in this world, and do so many great things. Thank you for taking the time to visit with me. I hope you will come back again and follow me on this amazing journey.

May God bless you!

Candida Sullivan

Romans 8:28

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