Are You Ignoring God?

How many times have we been stalled at the crossroads waiting for God? Unsure and uncertain of what to do or even how to do it. Seeking His guidance, but receiving silence instead. During these times, we want Him to speak to us, to instruct us, and guide us along our way. Or do we?

So many times I have been waiting on God to answer my prayer, when He had already taken care of the problem for me. However, I didn’t like His answer or solution to my dilemma so I continued to ask. The one thing I have learned about God, however, is that He doesn’t give us a new solution just because we ask for one. 

When I was very sick, I begged God to help me. He showed me what I needed to do, but it was hard, so I dismissed it. I wanted another option. By ignoring the Lord, I continued to get worse. I caused myself unnecessary heartache because I didn’t listen. 

Once I had tried all of my ways, without any success, I cried out once again to my Lord. And when He knew that I was ready to receive the solution, He told me again. This time, I was ready to try His way. And it worked. 

I made it complicated, and thought that I needed some type of miracle or medicine to get well. What I needed, however, was a healthier lifestyle. A change to my diet and daily exercise was my prescription, and, of course, it worked like a charm. If He had instructed me to do something hard, and terribly expensive, I probably would have jumped all over it. But because it was simple, I stumbled over it. 

It was the same way with my books. I spent thousands of dollars on books, courses, and DVDs to help me get my books into the hands of publishers. I went through years of rejection. When I finally exhausted myself and realized that I couldn’t do it on my own, I was able to hear the instructions of my Lord. All He wanted me to do was write a weekly blog, simple enough, but I made it complicated because in my mind I couldn’t see how it would work out. It just so happens that writing the weekly blog opened the door for me to become a published author. God sent the publisher to me via my blog. 

When we are ready to receive the instructions of our Lord, they will appear to us. We make things difficult, but to God they are simple. His ways are simple. So often we utter the words, “I don’t know what to do” but that’s not really true. If we listen to our hearts then we know what to do. It is usually that we ignore the instructions because we don’t like what we are supposed to do. I am so guilty of this, and have caused myself lots of unnecessary heartache. 

How do we stop ignoring the Lord?

  1. Ask Him what you should do about a certain situation and then listen. God will speak to you and you will know His voice.
  2. Whatever He tells you to do, write it down. And reference it whenever you start to doubt the process.
  3. Ask Him to help you do whatever it is that He has instructed you to do. And then take the first step by faith. 

When we show up every day and do the things that God beckons us to do, our lives will be much better. We waste precious time and energy when we keep asking the same questions and ignoring the same answers. 

He wants us to live joyfully and inspired. The only way we can do that, however, is when we align with His plan. He needs to be our teacher, mentor, and guide. But first we need to give Him the number one spot in our lives. We need to be willing to follow where He leads us. Sometimes we believe that we are waiting on God to answer our prayers, but, in all reality, God is waiting on us to accept the answer that He has already gives us. 

Have a wonderful day!


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