Are You Growing or Dying?

Recently, I heard an expression that intrigued me. In a book by Tony Robbins, he said that we are either growing in our life, or we are dying. The statement made me pause and think about my life. 
Sometimes we would love to get to a place of comfort and just hang out there. We get in a rut and don’t want to do more. Perhaps we are satisfied with our life and don’t feel a need to do anything else. But, in doing that, we are limiting our life. In all reality, we are either growing or dying. The good news, however, is that we get to choose which one we want for our life. 
God is strict. He doesn’t give us room to sit on both sides of the fence. He wants us to choose whom we will serve. We can’t live for the Lord, while we are holding hands with the devil. I know that seems harsh but it is true. 
Right now, I am in a season of change with my Lord and it’s painful. I am learning the skill of discipline, and developing a plan to write more. It’s not easy. Honestly, I would love to just go back to bed and declare that I just don’t have the time to write. But, in doing that, I would be following the enemy, and allowing him to steal my joy. While I could definitely make the excuse, and even believe it myself, the Lord will not allow me to get by with it. He loves me enough to push me, and demand that I show up every day and do my best. 

So often I find myself in unfamiliar territory, doing things that I have never done before. It would be so easy for me to say that I can’t do them, but my Lord wants me to trust Him and be willing to learn. We don’t know what we are capable of until we try. 

When I first started this journey with my Lord, I had never written a book before. I had no idea what I was doing. So many times I would cry and tell Him that I couldn’t do it, but He would encourage me to try until I was able to accomplish the task. Anytime that we do anything for the Lord, we will have to do it despite the devil. He is always there to put stumbling blocks in our way. God knows I have stumbled lately. But anytime that I take a step toward my Lord, He always gives me the strength and faith to keep going. 

I am so grateful that the Lord will not allow me to stay in the place of comfort for too long. While He wants me to enjoy my life, He also wants me to reach my full potential. In order to find the level of wisdom, knowledge and understanding that I need to serve Him and do His work, I have to be willing to learn something new every day. 

Where are you in your life? Are you growing or dying?

Have a wonderful day!


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