Are We Standing in Our Own Way?

We are often our own worst enemy. How many times have we prevented ourselves from taking a chance? From doing that thing we have always wanted to do? How many times do we feel stuck, and believe that there is honestly no other way?

Our negative voice can be loud and convincing. It screams and shouts at us constantly through out our day. Regardless of our situation, it always navigates toward the worst possible scenario. Not only does our mind usually paint us a picture of the worst thing that could happen, but it tries to convince us that the lies are in fact true. 

If we listen to the negative voice, we will soon believe that we are incapable of doing anything. In this state, we start thinking that we are not good enough. And that type of mind-set is what stands in our way of achieving our goals and living the life that we want to live.
Once I was sitting in my high chair as a baby, feeding myself. I was struggling, but persistent. As I continued to struggle, but eventually overcome, someone watching me spoke to my mom. She asked my mom how I was able to feed myself, with the condition of my hands. My mom replied, “No one has told her that she can’t do it. Therefore, she doesn’t realize that she’s not supposed to be able to do it.”

Wow! How true is that statement? So often we believe that we can’t do something based on our perspective. Therefore, if we believe ourselves unable to do something, then why should we even try? And the not trying is the reason why we can’t do it. Not because it was impossible. 

Words that we need to remove from our vocabulary immediately:
1. Can’t
2. Impossible
3. Unattainable

Anything that limits our beliefs needs to be removed from our lives. When we believe that we can’t do something, then we will have guaranteed failure. Because we end up sabotaging ourselves by not trying. 

If we believe that we can’t lose weight or become healthier because of a health condition that we have, and, as a result, we allow ourselves to eat whatever we want, then it is not the condition that prevents us from losing weight. It is our behavior. The same holds true for any situation. Anytime that we persist through an obstacle then we will eventually be able to overcome it. But if we quit or give up without any effort, then we have chosen failure. 

We are all capable of so much more than we believe. In order to reach our potential, however, we have to stop spending time with our enemy. Whenever, we are faced with a difficult situation we need to stop and ask ourselves a few questions. 

  1. Is my God in control?
  2. Can He handle my situation and show me how to overcome it? 
  3. How will this trial help me?

Once we realize that God is in control, and we stop putting limitations on Him, then we will see our life begin to change. With God all things are possible.

Happy Monday!


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