Spending Time With God: Why I Go To Church

Lately, I’ve heard so many excuses for not attending church. Videos and quotes as to why people shouldn’t go to church have gone viral.  When I see these lies, it breaks my heart. The devil tries to justify not serving God, but he doesn’t share the whole truth. He doesn’t know the peace, love, and joy that come from attending church and serving God.
So let me share with you, why I go to church.
Every Sunday morning, the devil tries to convince me to stay home as well. My body usually hurts all over and I’m so sleepy. Right away a million excuses flood my mind and the list of reasons for me to stay home is abundant. However, there is a still small voice inside of me that encourages me to go, and I know that if I put forth an effort God will bless me. So I fight through the pain and negativity and make my way to the Lord’s house.
The moment I open the door and walk inside, love surrounds me. Hugs and smiles greet me and my spirit is instantly lifted. No one looks down upon me because we’ve all struggled just to get there and overcome the same enemy. We are not on opposing sides of the war, but on the same side.
When the church begins to sing, peace fills my troubled soul. Just as a mother comforts her child, I feel comforted and soothed. My heart hears the words and feels the melody and my soul burns within. And it doesn’t end with the songs. Scriptures and words of wisdom from God are spoken and it is always exactly what I need. 
With tears, prayer request are given to the church. And then we all join together in prayer. Not just for ourselves, but for others. God understands our tears and listens to the groaning of our hearts. It is a beautiful gift to hear the church pray.
Testimonies are shared and God blesses us to help one another. Someone else has already been through the battle we are encountering. When they share their faith, wisdom, and victory it strengthens us and hope fills our soul. Suddenly, we believe that we can overcome our battle as well.
Words can’t even express my joy for my sweet little Sunday school class. Each child is so precious and I’m truly honored to be their teacher. I love seeing them every Sunday; reading them the scriptures, singing with them, and watching them learn about our Lord.
After Sunday school is over, I get to hear my daddy preach. It’s not only the words spoken, but the power behind the words that I love so much. The gospel speaks to my soul. It cuts out all of the foolishness of the world. It reminds me that in myself I am nothing, but my Lord is everything, and He is in control. The word of God renews me, and gives me the strength to keep going. It makes me want to be a better person and serve my God with my whole heart.
No earthly feeling can compare to helping someone to the Lord. It’s a great honor to pray with a lost soul, and hear them confess their salvation. It pleases God when I am obedient to Him, and serve Him by serving others. When the world gives us a million reasons for not going to church and serving the Lord, we need to think of the one reason why we should. God loves us. He sent His son to die for us. And He wants to help us. He desires to comfort us and sooth our troubled hearts. God loves each sinner, regardless of the sin. And He wants us to enjoy our salvation.
Does going to church make my life easier? No! But it teaches me how to overcome the enemy and enjoy every aspect of my life. As long as there is breath in my body, I pray that I will use it to praise my Lord and serve Him.

I sin. I fail and come short every day of my life. My life is not perfect and neither am I. But my Lord is forgiving, merciful, and long suffering with grace for every need. He knows all about my faults and failures and He loves me anyway. We should follow His example, and love others as He has loved us. The ones, who treat us the worst, need our love and prayers the most. 
Why do you go to church?
May God bless you!

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