Who Is Watching You?

Sometimes it still amazes and at the same frightens me that I have two boys to raise. God entrusted me with them and I want to do what is best … Continue Reading →

Why Patience is the Key to Success

How many times have we wanted to give up or have actually given up, when the blessings was right around the corner? It happens to us all. Most of the … Continue Reading →

The Importance of Discipline

This morning my bed beckoned to me, and I really wanted to go back to sleep. My mind searched for any plausible cause to persuade me to go back to … Continue Reading →

Overcoming the Struggle

Some days I have great thoughts and I’m able to articulate them well. I have a plan and know exactly what I’m going to write about. Today, however, is not … Continue Reading →

October is National Bullying Prevention Month: Use Zippy’s Club to Celebrate and Educate

Did you know that October is National Bullying Prevention Month? What better way to raise awareness of bullying prevention than with character education. Zippy’s Club was designed to help children … Continue Reading →