What It’s Like to Live With Scars

It’s hard to explain something that we’ve never experienced. We can research things and think we have an understanding of them, but until we have actually experienced them, we can’t … Continue Reading →

Why We Need To Reprogram Our Minds

Have you ever spent the day with someone who is negative? When we are around negativity constantly, then it has a way of sneaking into our minds as well. I … Continue Reading →

My Third Laser Treatment: No More Phantom Pain

Ever since my hand surgery, I have had phantom pain in my hand where the separation occurred. If I touched my hand on the left side near my pinkie finger, … Continue Reading →

Choose A Side

We love to stay in the comfortable place, where we are doing okay, but still not where we would like to be. When our goals and dreams force us to … Continue Reading →

The Power of Vision

Last night, I decided to go back through my journal and read some of the things that I had previously recorded. After a few pages, I found a place where … Continue Reading →