Choose A Side

We love to stay in the comfortable place, where we are doing okay, but still not where we would like to be. When our goals and dreams force us to step outside of our comfort zone, then we start making excuses. We all do it. No one likes to be uncomfortable. So we do whatever it takes to keep ourselves in the place of mediocre, because we don’t want to experience the pain of change. 

After a while though, we find ourselves in a place of misery. The cost of remaining the same starts to cause us more pain than it would if we actually embraced our change. This is the part that causes people the most pain. Because standing in the middle is the most painful. It’s still uncomfortable and we repeat the pain cycle daily—without making any progress.

When we make a stand, and choose which one we want for our lives, regardless of the cost, then we are able to move forward. Just the decision to change can bring joy into our lives. Then we have to decide that we will do whatever it takes to move forward. Even if it’s painful. 

It took me one year to lose five pounds. I would eat healthy for a few days or weeks, and lose a few pounds. The moment that I saw the scale go down, I would resort back to my old ways. The constant going back and forth lasted for months. Until one day, I ripped my favorite jeans. In that moment, I decided that it was time to get serious about my nutrition. Once I decided that I would no longer tolerate my actions, I was able to change.

I even took it a step further and began researching foods. I forced myself to look at the nutrition in the foods that I was consuming regularly. Seeing all the added sugar, and long list of ingredients helped me to make better choices. It’s been years now, and I’ve not went back to my old ways because I have strong feelings about why I do what I do. I chose a side and every day I stick with my decision—even when it’s hard. 

Force yourself to decide today. What do you want for your life? Break free from mediocre and go after extraordinary. It’s the hard things that are so rewarding. 

Love and blessings, 


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