Gratitude nourishes our soul

If we want to find happiness in our lives, then we need to practice gratitude. Gratitude nourishes our soul. It shifts our minds from a place of worry and lack … Continue Reading →


Love wins

God created us all for a purpose. While our gifts are different, I believe our purpose is the same. I believe that God created us all to help each other. … Continue Reading →


Do small things with great love

The moment that I decide to make a change in my life, the resistance shows up. My adversary wants to prevent me from doing good in my life. So he … Continue Reading →


Promote God’s love

If we truly want to reach other people, then we need to promote what we love instead of bashing what we hate. The moment that we step into self-righteousness and … Continue Reading →


Just be you

Comparing ourselves to others steals our joy. It does not serve us in any way. When we compare ourselves to others then it either makes us feel as if we … Continue Reading →