Why You Need Support

Anytime that we start a new journey, we will experience trials and tribulations along the way. Change is hard. Our body has a natural resistance to try to protect us from the pain that often occurs with change. When we experience this resistance, the desire to quit will surface. That’s when the support and encouragement of others will help us persevere. 

When no one is watching, it is easy to skip our workouts and forgo our nutrition plan. It’s easier to make excuses when we are alone on our journey. Unless we are extremely disciplined, it is hard to stay consistent on our journey. But when we have the help of others, it makes it easier to stay on track. When I log into my challenge group or open my snapchat and see all of the girls working out or eating healthy, it makes me want to be more disciplined as well. I don’t want to be the only one in the group that didn’t workout that day. I can’t eat fattening foods when my friends are eating salads and skipping desserts. We all keep each other accountable. 

We also celebrate each accomplishment and hold each other’s hand through the challenges. We encourage each other when we get off track, instead of bashing our shortcomings. It is a safe place to share our goals and dreams. We would love for to join us. 

I’m also on Snapchat. I snap recipes, workout accountability pictures, encouraging quotes, early morning accountability photos, etc. I’d love to share your journey and cheer you on.

Love and blessings, 


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