Why Our Feelings Can Be Dangerous

Sometimes our situation can seem so hopeless. Especially when we focus on our heartaches and magnify them. Our minds have the ability to take something small and turn it into something big. Every thought that comes into our mind is not the truth. In fact, most of them are lies. 

Most of our thoughts are based on our feelings. When I’m feeling afraid most of my thoughts will be centered on fear. We can’t make decisions just based on our feelings. If so, we would never do anything that we don’t feel like doing. Honestly, I don’t “feel” like writing. I never “feel” like getting out of bed at 5 a.m. I don’t “feel” like working out or eating clean. I never “feel” like going to work or church for that matter. But I do them all anyway. 

We have to make ourselves do the right thing. Every day there is a warfare going on inside of us. The enemy cannot destroy us. He can’t make us do anything. He can, however, encourage us to self-destruct. The person often standing in our way is us. We are the ones who make the wrong decisions day after day. We are the ones who chose to take the easy path. We are the ones who decide to only do the things that make us feel good—in the moment. 

When we decide, however, to do the things that need to be done, regardless of how we feel about it, then we can advance in our lives. Phrases like “I don’t feel good”, “I don’t feel good enough”, and  “I don’t feel like doing that today” are dangerous to us. Especially if we allow them to be our excuse. I used to have a really hard time getting up at 5 a.m. because my first thought every morning was “I feel so sleepy”. 

The truth is that our thoughts can change rapidly. We can go from happy to sad in an instant. Instead of allowing our thoughts and feelings to run our day, we need to decide how we are going to spend our days and ultimately live our lives. If we always wait until we feel like doing certain things, then I am afraid that the time to do them may never come. Every day we should plan our day, and live our life based on our goals and what needs to be done, rather than our feelings about it.

Love and blessings, 


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