Why I Do Online Coaching

Our health is important. It affects every part of our life. When we are burdened with pain and sickness, it is hard to think of anything else and enjoy our lives. Sickness and damage to our bodies doesn’t happen overnight. It’s the small things done daily that compound over time. Bad habits have consequences. Right now eating junk food and watching lots of TV might not seem like a big deal, but when done daily it harms our bodies. My goal is to help people make changes now before they do damage to their bodies and get stuck in the pain and sickness cycle. 

I will never forget the day when I woke up with my legs numb. Nor the rash that covered my body. I never realized how many steps I took each day, until each one became painful. It took me almost four years, and lots of money, to regain my health. Now I know, however, that it is possible.

So often we get stuck in the cycle of using food, TV, etc. as a coping mechanisms. We want it to numb our pain and bring us pleasure. While it may work temporarily, it is not long term. So we eat and watch more. If we learn, however, to deal with our problems in other ways, then we can learn to overcome them. 

In my challenge groups, we learn about nutrition, fitness, and ways to deal with stress. Our mindset is so important to our health. I work with each person on their individual challenges. While I am not a therapist, I can often suggest new habits and help them to find a new way to do things. If you’d like to join us, we would love to have you. 

Love and blessings, 


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