What Would You Do If You Couldn’t Fail?

This question has been on my mind all weekend. When it comes to mind, I pause and think for a moment. In thinking of various things, new questions also come to mind. Is the fear of failure holding me back? What do I really want to do with my life? 

Lately, I’ve been taking it easy with my workouts because I didn’t want to hurt myself. Taking it easy, however, doesn’t challenge me or help me to grow. Every day we are either growing or dying. We are not just standing still and holding our own. When we take a break, we are actually causing ourselves more hardships. While we might all need a break from time to time to repair muscles, to get more rest, not get burned out, etc., it’s usually the break that becomes the catalyst for failure. 

When I take a break from my morning routine, exercise program, eating plan, writing, then I only make it harder on myself. After a few weeks the habit is gone and replaced with a new one. All the hard work previously is for nothing. That’s why it is so important for us to notice our routines and monitor our thoughts. If we decide to take a break, then we need to schedule it with a start and end date. The scheduled break let’s our mind know that it is temporary. 

At some point we all have to decide to start over or to create the life we want to live. In the morning, as the sun rises, we all get a new day. It’s ours. We all get to decide how we will use it. I’m tired of quitting. In reality, that is the only way we can fail at anything. As long as we are showing up every day, and giving it our best effort, then we are not failing. 

Failure is only a state of mind. So often we set ourselves up for failure because that it easier. It’s easier to tell someone that we can’t do something than it is for us to put in the work. It’s easier for me to say that I don’t have any new thoughts for a book, than it is for me to sit down and brainstorm. If I show up every day and desire to write a new book, then the thoughts will appear. 

Sometimes I have to get tough with myself and ask myself the really hard questions. Are you going to quit because it’s hard or are you going to keep trying until you figure it out? Suddenly, failure is no longer an option. 

Love and blessings, 


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