What kind of energy are you radiating?

We all have an energy about us. Have you ever noticed that you seem to feel calmer around certain people, while others evoke a stressful feeling in you? My daddy has a very calming feeling to his presence. Sometimes I can just sit with him and feel better—even without saying a word. It’s as if he can transfer some of his faith and strength to me, just by being around him. In stressful times, he is the person I want to sit with because he helps me to know, in the really hard times, that God is in control and this too shall pass.

I want to have a calming presence about me as well. I want to release all the anger, hurt, worry, jealousy, etc. and replace it with God’s love, peace, and joy. I want to live my life according to God’s will. I believe being in the center of His will is the key to it all. When we are living our lives for God, then other people will feel His spirit from us.

Embracing God and allowing Him to be in control of our lives is the greatest way for us to live. After all, what can we really control anyway? I waste so much of my time trying to control my circumstances or other people. None of which is beneficial to me. Therefore, I know that if I could just accept what is and love people right where they are in their lives, my life would be so much better.

I believe we do this by living and embracing the present moment. Friends, I have wasted so much of my time by reliving the past and worrying about the future. The reason we can’t remember what happened yesterday is that we weren’t really living in the moment. I can remember small details about the days when my children were born. Because I was fully present in the moment. It was special to me, therefore I enjoyed it. The same is true for vacation. But I don’t want to live my life waiting for special moments or for vacation. I want to live each moment as if it is important to me.

So, I am learning to become aware of the world around me. Instead of using devices to waste my time, I am learning to appreciate the moments and to feel gratitude for them. And it’s working. Last night, as I went into my son’s room both of my children were in there. We all sat on his bed and talked for a moment. My kids said that I make them feel sleepy just by being around me. Hearing them say that was such a beautiful gift because I know that God is doing His work in me.

Thank you, Lord, for teaching me how to be that calm presence.


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