What kind of day do you want to have?

So often we go through our lives reacting to everything and everyone. We allow our circumstances and others to control us. During these times we forget that we can control our own lives. While we can’t control what happens to us, we can decide how we are going to react to it.

Right now, we can decide to have a good day. When we set our intentions for the day, then we are focused upon what we want. If we wake up, however, and assume that it will be a bad day, then that is what we are focused on. In that case, we go searching for the bad. And when we look for something long enough then we will find it.

Yesterday, I decided not to complain anymore. Therefore, I monitored my words and my thoughts all day. I was surprised at how many of my thoughts were negative and how many complaints slipped out of my mouth. We do so many things each day without even thinking about it.

I don’t want to live on autopilot anymore. Nor keep living the same day over and over. I want to be intentional about my life and actually live each day. Our enemy slips in negative thoughts. He tries to get us to focus on the bad in our lives. We can’t keep the bad thoughts from happening, but we can decide to ignore them. When I just observe my thoughts, without doing anything, then I can see the lies. Once I recognize the enemy then I can stop him. I can stop him by ignoring him.

It is when I start having conversations with him that I get into trouble. Overthinking and worrying are his specialty. He wants us to be so absorbed in our problems that we can’t see the goodness of our Lord. When we notice him, then we can ask the Lord to help us to overcome him.


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