What Is Your Definition Of Healthy?

Making the choice to become healthier was one of the greatest decisions of my life. Once I realized that chemicals are often sneaked into our food, I started reading labels. What I discovered opened my eyes. Some of the “foods” I was consuming, was not even food at all. It was a bunch of chemicals with natural flavors added. Right then, I decided that I would eat more food from the Earth. Eating food like substances made in a laboratory was what was making me sick.
At first it was hard because I was used to the taste of the altered food. It was loaded with sodium, fat, preservatives, and natural flavors that my food didn’t have. Once I removed it from diet for weeks or months, my body no longer craved it. I also changed my thoughts about the food. I could not view something loaded with chemicals as delicious. I saw it as poison. Once I added in more healthy superfoods, my body began to heal. The headaches, rash, chronic inflammation, brain fog, and chronic fatigue went away. 

Exercise became my friend, and I worked on strengthening my body. When I first started, I had so many health problems that it was overwhelming. Honestly, it was so hard for me that I cried through the first few days. Just lifting my arms over my head was challenging. But I just focused on what I could do. 

My definition of being healthy is loving my body and doing what is best for me. So I can feel my absolute best. Not only do I eat healthier foods and exercise, but I also work on my mind and my spiritual relationship with the Lord. Controlling our stress is so important. Recently, I have adopted a daily meditation practice. Sitting quietly and breathing has been so beneficial for me. It has reduced my stress greatly. 

Take some time today to think about your definition of being healthy. Start right away implementing the changes into your life. Our health is a precious gift and we need to treat it that way. When we reward our body with better choices, it will reward us with better health. 

Love and blessings, 


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