What Is Important To You?

How I live my life now and how I used to live are very different. Years ago, I was only concerned about my health when sickness invaded my body. Otherwise, my health never entered my mind. I only went to the doctor when I was sick and I often ignored the warning signals my body was giving me. Digging deeper to discover the reason for my daily headaches, skin rash, and whole body inflammation never occurred to me. I didn’t think about the foods I was consuming nor did I read labels. I just ate whatever I wanted. For a while, it worked for me or that’s what I thought. Because the damage didn’t show up immediately, I didn’t think it was really harming me. And then, it all appeared at once. 

 In order to get better, I had to totally change my diet and lifestyle. It was hard. Because I waited until my body was screaming at me before I made the necessary changes. Now I approach my health differently. I focus on my wellness instead of waiting on sickness to get my attention. 

Every day I consume foods that nourish my body and give it the fuel it needs for optimal health. With every bite of food and every meal, I think about my health and what type of life that I want to live. Now I realize that eating healthy food is not nearly as hard as being sick. Sickness is definitely harder and more expensive. 

Now I take time to think about my health daily and take the time to do the things that will enhance my wellbeing. I’ve stopped waiting for the warning signals from my body to make me take action. Every day I exercise, eat healthy food, meditate for stress relief, and spend time with my God. Because I know that it is the little actions, repeated every day, that will either help us or harms us. 

Today, I just ask you to think about your own health. Is it a priority in your life? Do you focus on wellness or wait for the sickness? 

Love and blessings, 


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