What Is Important To You?

It’s so hard to create the perfect balance of everything that we need in our lives. Typically, our focus is only on one or two things, or that’s how it usually works for me. While those things prosper and grow, the rest is neglected. Neglecting certain areas of our lives might be okay for a short period of time, but eventually it will start to affect us in some way. 

For example, if I only focus on my job and neglect my health it might be fine for a while. But then one day, I will find myself sick. My body will rebel against the abuse and start screaming at me. Or I might have an excellent career, but my marriage might be falling apart—due to my neglect. 

So how do we know what to focus on? What gets our attention? What do we want to prosper and grow? What will make us happy?

Once we answer the important questions, then we should list them by importance. If our family is at the top of the list, then we should make time for them every day. We should nurture our relationships daily. 

When my books were first released, my life became so busy. I was traveling and always leaving my family. My health and relationships were put on the back burner while I promoted my books. I was so busy, rushing from event to event, that I didn’t really enjoy the process. I missed my family. For months, I felt drained. Even though I had a few warning signals that my health was declining, I ignored the warning signs and continued to push. Until one day, my body started screaming. 

For months, as I lay in the bed recuperating, I learned about the importance of my health. Our spiritual, physical, and mental health affect everything else. When I make myself too busy to pray and read my Bible, have dinner with my family, and exercise, then I am creating an imbalance in my life. The more imbalances that we create, the harder it is to be happy. 

However, when I nurture all of the things important to me, then happiness will be a byproduct. It will come as a result of the effort that I put into all areas of my life. Dr. Lissa Rankin believes that we have a health cairn. Below is all the things that she believes we should focus on for optimal health. By nurturing our whole self, we are able to reach a higher level of wellbeing. 

Love and blessings, 


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