Franklin Roosevelt said it best when he said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” So often I allow fear to dictate my life—whether I want to or not. Sometimes I don’t even think I’m aware of the fear or the control it has over me. And with every fear I conquer, it seems there is a new one gained. I don’t believe it’s possible to be totally fearless, nor do I even want to be. I believe fear can be a good thing, if we don’t allow it to paralyze us.
I’ve thought about this blog for years, but I’ve always been too afraid to actually do it. I’m the queen of excuses and I found plenty of reasons not to do it. First of all, who would actually want to spend a few minutes of their day reading my thoughts? Second, what would I write about? What could I possibly say that hasn’t already been said many times before?  Thirdly, I have major publishing phobia. I’m terrified for people to read what I’ve written. So when you combine just those three reasons, I think that’s a pretty good excuse.
Don’t you?
Well, apparently God doesn’t agree because the desire to blog remains with me and surfaces often. Every once in a while I even write a blog entry and file it in a nice neat folder, never to be read. But isn’t that why I started writing in the first place, to help others? How can I do that if I refuse to share my writing?
It’s a hard thing to open our hearts and allow others inside, to make ourselves vulnerable enough to actually help someone else.  Sometimes we have to come to a place in our lives when nothing is familiar and step out in faith, believing God will be right there to guide us and catch us when we fall.
Sharing our life experiences, hopes and fears, might really impact another life. I believe God wants us to share them with others as a positive testimony. I believe with every gift or talent there is responsibility. And I believe God gave me the gift to write. Whether or not I listen to that still small voice is up to me.
I try to be obedient, whenever God gives me something to do, but it’s not always easy; its’ a fearful thing to do God’s work. However, I’ve learned the only way to please God is through obedience. So I’m stepping out in faith, trusting God to provide me with the words, the audience, and the strength to overcome my publishing phobia and to use me to help someone else.
I may fail, but it won’t be because I didn’t try.
So, what exactly will this blog contain?
I hope God will bless me to tell you about how much He blesses my life every single day. I hope He will bless me to tell you about my scars. I hope He will bless me to tell you about the day that changed my life forever. I hope He will bless me to share my writing journey with you—my accomplishments and failures. I hope He will use me to help you in some way.
If it only helps one person, then it will be worth my time and effort, tears and prayers. I hope you will sign up and follow my blog. The one person could be you!
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