We Need To Do Something

It’s so easy to leave the hard stuff to someone else. How often do we sit back and complain about the shape of our country, our schools, and our community? If we are not a part of the solution, then we may be part of the problem. That’s tough to hear. At least it was for me. I was upset one day about a situation involving other people and my thought was I wish someone would do something to help them. Then God reminded me that I am someone. What was I doing to help? 

Talk about hurting my feelings. After I got over my bruised ego, I decided to pour my whole heart into helping my family, friends, and community. Since then I’ve been writing more and sharing my hope with others. I want to get myself out of the way so that I can help others.

We go through challenges to learn and grow. If we can get through our own trials and tribulations, then we can teach others how to overcome them as well. Each trial is for our benefit. It is through our pain that we obtain wisdom. God has used some of the most painful events of my life and turned them into beautiful stories. It’s not always what happens to us, but how we chose to look at the situation that makes a difference. 

One day I desire to have a non-profit organization where I will be able to help others on a grander scale. Until then, I will do what I can with the resources that I have right now. When I use everything that I have right now to help someone else, then God will give me more. His supply is abundant. 

When our hearts start desiring more, then He will give us more. I want my life to matter. I want to inspire people, offer them hope, help them to God, and, ultimately, leave others better than I found them. One day as my life comes to an end, I want to know with certainty that I lived, I loved, and my life mattered. So instead of focusing on what other people are doing or not doing, I am going to focus on what God wants me to do. When we take responsibility for our own lives, then we are able to touch other lives. God can take a little and bless it abundantly. Every day we need to ask Him what we can do, and then do it with our whole heart. 

Love and blessings,


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