We are loved

We are loved.
Today is the greatest symbol of love my soul has ever received. Jesus carried us and our every sins—past, present, and future—to the cross with Him. He bled and died for our sins. Our Savior endured the pain because He loves us.
Regardless of what we do or don’t do, God loves us unconditionally. He proved His amazing love as He died for our sins. In Him, I find my worth. He is my everything.
Today and every day, I want to live my life in His amazing love. While I can never repay His beautiful gift of love, I can live each day in His love. I can share it with others and feel the power of it in my soul. Every day I can live in gratitude and praise Jesus for His amazing grace and for my personal gift of receiving salvation for my sins.
Regardless of what happens to us, we are loved. Beyond anything, we can measure. Therefore my heart whispers, thank you, Jesus! Thank you, God, for sending your Son to save me. Thank you, Jesus, for paying the price that I could not pay. Thank you for loving me when I was unloveable and dying in my sins. Thank you!
Photo by Samuel McGarrigle on Unsplash
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