Tomorrow Is The Day Of Failure

How often do we put off today’s chores for tomorrow? I do it all the time. Procrastination is often the thief of my success and peace. In my heart, I know the things that I should be doing, and yet I save the task for another day. Then, when the day finally comes, and all the chores need to be completed, I feel overwhelmed. 

Not anymore!

I will not allow the devil to steal my success and inner peace. Every day I want to do what needs to be done as well as the things that I want to do. Life is too short to live with regrets. While I am sitting around regretting the things I didn’t do yesterday, and contemplating what I will do tomorrow, I lose again. Because we lose today when we focus on yesterday and tomorrow. 

So my goal is to live in today. Every morning we should praise God for the gift of another day. And then proceed to live as if we will never see another day. Can you imagine how our life would really change if we did this? Then, tomorrow if we are blessed with another day, we should receive it with joy and gratitude. And stop taking it for granted. 

In life we are either growing or dying. When we adapt the dying mindset, then our lives are filled with fear, regret, and disappointment. If we continue with a negative mindset about life and failures, after a while our hope will diminish. But the amazing part is that we can decide to change it today. 

Today, we can do that thing we’ve been putting off. Today, we can give and receive more love. Today, we can pray and speak to our God about the plans He has for our lives. Today, we can take action and change our lives. 

Thank you Lord for the beauty and power of today! 

Love and blessings, 


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