The Transformation

Have you ever sat in an exam room and been told by a doctor, “I am sorry there is nothing else I can do for you. I will make you comfortable with pain medication.”? After he wrote the numerous prescriptions, for medicines that I couldn’t afford, he left. Without answering my questions or giving me an ounce of hope.

That was my life years ago. The pain was so severe that I was throwing up. When I took the medication, however, all I wanted to do was sleep. Once I questioned if I had even taken my children to school that day, because I honestly couldn’t remember. Every day as the pills slid down my throat, I begged God to help me. 

When I met my new doctor (the one who helps me so much now), he told me that I needed to exercise and evaluate my diet, in addition to his treatments. That’s when it really clicked for me that our actions make a difference in our health. We have more control than we realize. Within a month of the all natural treatments and supplements that he had prescribed me, I was able to go off of all my medication. 

Listening to our body and tuning in to what it is telling us is so important. We usually get warning signals before it starts screaming at us. If we continue to do what we have always done, we may  pay the price later on. This is why I am such an advocate for living a healthy lifestyle. If I can help one person avoid the pain and suffering that I’ve endured, then it is worth it to me.
In my opinion, there are three components of our health that we need to address daily. 

  1. Mind: We are what we believe. Every day we need to read books that encourage and inspire us. It’s hard to stay positive in a negative world. The more time we spend in the world, absorbing the negativity, the harder it will be for us to stay focused on our health. When we change our limiting beliefs and believe that it is possible for us to be healthy and well, then we are able to make it happen. 
  2. Body: We need to supply our body with foods that are healing and help us stay healthy, rather than causing us more problems. I have learned how to make healthier versions of my favorite meals. My family and I still eat hamburgers and pizza, we just eat it in moderation. Exercising is not just for weight loss. For years, I worked out because I hated my body and wanted to change it. Now I do it because I love my body and I want to take care of it. The physical strength also helps us to gain mental strength. 
  3. Spirit: When we go to God for guidance and make Him a part of our every day life, then we will be so much happier. Being spiritually connected to Him through prayer and meditation, reading His word, and practicing gratitude will help us to live every day inspired. 

Isn’t it wonderful that we have the power to change our lives right now? We don’t have to wait until the new year or even Monday for that matter, we can decide to change right now and then take the first step toward transforming our life. We only get this one life, let’s do everything in our power to make it great. Message me and let’s talk about your goals and how we can help you feel better. 

Love and blessings, 


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