The Soldier

It’s not always easy to accept God’s will. Sometimes God’s will and our will are completely different. Sometimes we get so focused on what we believe to be right that we lose sight of God’s purpose and His great plan. And sometimes it’s hard to not get mad at Him when things don’t turn out the way we hoped they would.

We don’t understand why certain things happen. It’s so hard to stay positive and speak of faith and hope when our hearts are breaking. It’s so hard to understand grief and suffering. We wonder where was God when these things happened and even wonder why He didn’t intervene and stop them.

However, all we can see is what is right in front of us. We can’t see the things which happen out of our sight. In the midst of our grief we can’t see God’s amazing love and mercy—His unfathomable grace for our every need.

Last week I lost a loved one. He was a man I loved so much. Someone I respected and admired and believed was invincible. I watched as sickness battered him and he fought to live. And I prayed, believing God could heal him. I begged God to take away his pain and heal him. When I got the devastating phone call, it saddened me that God didn’t answer my prayer.

And if I’m honest, I allowed the devil to make me a little mad at God.

But you know what? He never turned away from me. He wrapped His arms around me and carried me each moment. He dried my tears and flooded my heart with good memories. He made it so that every time I think of my Uncle I see his smile and sing a happy song about him spending the day with my Jesus.

And then my wonderful God showed me that He answered my prayer. He healed him and stopped his pain. He took him out of his suffering. Out of this cruel world and into His arms. He will never hurt anymore. He’ll never be sad or shed a tear. He reached the end of his journey.

Sometimes we look at death as a bad thing. We associate it with heartache and suffering. But if we really stop and think about it, death is the doorway to Heaven. It’s a happy exchange when we shed this sinful flesh for a glorified body. It’s a beautiful thought to think about our loved ones in a peaceful rest.

They fought their battles and finished their course. They left behind stones and a good report of how they lived for God. They preached their funeral everyday of their life. They left us a beautiful inheritance that we should pass down to our children and loved ones.

We should take our place in God’s army and fight with our whole heart. We should live everyday as if tomorrow may never come. We should fight for the truth and slay the lies. We should stand unafraid and unmovable for our God. We should tell of the hope inside us and the love that cannot be fully explained. We should seek God in all times, especially those of grief and suffering. We should desire to know more about Him and His ways.

Regardless of the heartaches, we should remember Romans 8:28 and know that God has a great plan and purpose for each life created. It all works together for our good, especially the day He calls us home. That’s the best part when you think about it.

God doesn’t punish us with death, He blesses us with Heaven! And one of these days I’m going to see Him for myself. I’m going to spend eternity with my Lord. I’m going to sing and shout and live forever. I may not understand His ways, but I know my God is always so good.

Let’s fight a good fight and be a good solider for our Lord. May God bless your hearts with peace and fill your lives with hope, joy, and love.

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