The Lord Is My Shepherd

Sometimes things happen in our lives to knock us off of our feet. Trouble usually strikes out of no where. The devil attacks us continuously. He is merciless. He delights in our heartaches and sorrows. At times, when the storm is brewing in my life, it is hard for me to see the light beyond the darkness. When we are in the place of pain, it’s so much easier for the enemy to paint us a picture of hopelessness, and for us to believe that our situation is hopeless. God, however, is our hope.

During the trials, it is so important for us to remember that we have favor with God. He doesn’t leave us in hard times, but He is there to help us through them. Our life will never be easy. The devil is always trying to lure us away from God and causing trouble in our lives. When it seems as if the battle will be lost, and we don’t know where to turn, we just need to remember that the devil has never defeated our Lord. God works out of our sight. When we feel troubled and alone, we just need to remember that God is working on the problem for us. 

I have faced many heartaches in my life, each one a little harder than the last, but I know that God is in control. Nothing that occurs in my life catches Him unaware. My Lord knows it all. He has a plan. And He will hold my hand through every step of the journey. 

Even though I can’t understand it at the time, the trial has a purpose. I can allow it to destroy me and make me bitter and angry at God or I can use it to get closer to my God and grow in His wisdom and knowledge. While I don’t get to decide the time of the trial, or the obstacle in my way, I still have the power to decide how I am going to go through it. 

As I prepare for battle with my Lord, I am so thankful that He will be leading me. Nothing can ever separate me from Him. The Lord is my Shepherd. 

Love and blessings, 


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