The Light of Love

It seems life is on fast forward anymore and we often fail to enjoy the moments. With Christmas approaching, I feel bad that I didn’t send out Christmas wishes to my family and friends. The kids and I have not made Christmas cookies, watched movies or enjoyed the special moments of Christmas. It’s so easy for me to feel bad for all of the things I have neglected to do. However, I love it when God comes through, opens my eyes and shows me I’m doing better than what I had originally thought.

To me Christmas is about love—a greater love than our hearts can even imagine. We shouldn’t wait until Christmas to show the love of our hearts or to shine our light into a world of darkness. We should show the beauty of Christmas all year long. We should always exhibit God’s great love with a giving heart, filled with thankfulness, mercy, grace and forgiveness. We should show kindness wherever we go and fill spaces with an aura of God’s amazing love.

We should help those in need, every chance we get. We should pray for those struggling and share our experiences when possible. We should give the world a little glimpse of the hope inside of us. We should show them the true meaning of Christmas. We should tell of God’s amazing gifts and how he selflessly gave His Son for our lives. We should tell them about salvation and the peacefulness of our hearts. We should encourage them, when it all seems hopeless. We should stop complaining and start praising our Lord.

It doesn’t matter whether someone says Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. The world has never accepted Christ. They have been trying to do away with Him since the beginning. All that truly matters is what is in the depths of our hearts. If we love God, it will show. We won’t even have to utter a word to show the Spirit of Christmas. People will feel it from us. They will see it in our smile and hear it in our voice. They will feel it in our embrace and know there is something special about us.

This Christmas let’s all strive to give more—smiles, kind words, prayers, forgiveness, mercy, grace, hope, encouragement and most of all love. We should all strive to be like the beautiful Star of Bethlehem shining a light to those who have lost their way and bring them to Jesus.

Merry Christmas!! May God bless your hearts with love and peace.

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