The Gift Of Unconditional Love

Sometimes we don’t even realize how blessed we really are. It’s so easy to get caught up in the drama and complaining about our life that we forget to be grateful for it. Yesterday, God gave me a little glimpse of how different my life could have been. The visualization stopped me in my tracks. For a moment, I just sat there and thanked God. 

On my way home from the doctor’s office, I stopped to shop. As I was paying for my items, the clerk mentioned my hands, my wedding band, and then shared with me a very personal story about one of her loved ones. The story was heartbreaking. A woman with a condition similar to mine was denied love and marriage. The man she fell in love with, introduced her to his family, and his family rejected her. They didn’t want children with her condition in their family. So he broke off their engagement and she never found anyone else to love. 

As I sat in my car, with the tears pouring from my eyes, I was so thankful that God sent my husband to me and that He blessed our marriage. I had those same fears when I was growing up. I almost walked away from my husband, when he proposed to me because I was so fearful of my future and I didn’t want to include him in my pain. As it turns out, his unconditional love helped me to heal my heartaches and fears. Not only does he tell me that I’m beautiful, but he makes me feel beautiful.
Whatever happens, I know that he will hold my hand and help me through it. Through the good times and the bad. 
He married me without ever asking me about my hands. My children have also followed in their daddy’s footsteps because they have never asked me any questions or treated me differently. In fact, when I had surgery I got very little special treatment. They just expected me to figure out how to do things—and I did. 

Love is about so much more than outward appearance. If we can’t look beyond the flesh and love others, how can we expect God to look beyond our flesh and sins and love us? No one is perfect. At any time, anyone could have an accident and lose a limb or become different in some way. How would we want someone else to treat us? That’s the question that we need to ask ourselves every day. In God’s eyes we are all the same. And he creates amazing people who look beyond the flaws of the flesh and look into the heart. 

If you haven’t found your soulmate, don’t give up. God created someone for us all. We just need to pray and keep our heart open to receive the love. One day, God will introduce you to each other. Until then, keep searching. 

Love and blessings, 


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