The formula for getting unstuck

We all get in a rut sometimes. I have found that when I give into the desires of my flesh too often, it creates feelings of despair. It might show up as discomfort, laziness, or dissatisfaction with everything and everyone.

The enemy takes these feelings and magnifies them. He tries to convince us that we are stuck in a deep rut that we can’t climb out of. So we stay in places of pain and misery, even though they make us feel miserable.

HOWEVER, the GOOD news is that we are never stuck. God gave us all the freedom of choice. We get to decide what we want to believe, think, feel, and how we want to act.

If we don’t like where we are right now, we can decide to change. It really is that simple. Then, we take one step toward what we want. Right now.

The truth is that our flesh NEVER feels like doing what is best for us. Waiting until we feel like doing something is sabotaging ourselves. When my doctor told me if I didn’t get out of bed and start moving my body, eventually, I wouldn’t be able to move at all, I left his office and went to the gym. I worked out in jeans, with no idea what I was doing. I didn’t wait until my conditions were perfect. I started right then.

That one decision to start truly impacted my life. I didn’t discuss it with the enemy or give him time to talk me out of it. I made the decision, despite my feelings, and started right then.

We can’t get out of a rut by giving in to negative feelings or thinking our way out. It starts by taking the first step. God will show us what to do. He will even give us the strength to do it. But are you willing to do whatever it takes?

Sometimes, I tell God I want certain things, but when it comes down to taking action and getting uncomfortable, I’m the one who backs up. I’m the one who doesn’t do my part.

I have learned if I will do my part, then God will do His part. But I can’t pray for blessings and refuse to do my part. It doesn’t work that way.

Prayer plus action is the formula for getting unstuck. We don’t have to wait until we have a plan and know every detail. We just need to know the first step, take it, and trust God will give us each one as we need it.

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