Taking Inventory

For years, I worked in retail. Every year we would always do an inventory to see how things were going. I always hated it. We had to count everything: the bigs things as well as the little things. At the end of the inventory, the problems were often found in the little things. We didn’t fail to notice the big things, but surprisingly enough the little things were often overlooked or miscounted. This morning, as I was getting ready, I thought about how we often miss the little things in our own lives as well. We pray for the big moments in our lives and give them the time and attention they need, but we often fail to notice the little things that creep into our daily lives. 

One bite of sugar doesn’t really affect us, but if we take just one bite all throughout the day then it adds up. If I slump in my seat while I’m working it doesn’t really affect me at the moment, but if I do it day after day, then I start noticing pain in neck and shoulders. If I snooze today instead of getting up early to exercise, watch TV instead of reading a book to help me, and eat foods to harm my body instead of healing it, then it might not affect me today, but it compounds over time. Then one day, I’ll wake up in pain, completely discouraged with my life—wondering how in the world I ended up in that shape. 

So today I am taking inventory of my life. While it is hard to look beneath the surface and be completely honest with ourselves, it is so necessary. I want to live an inspired life. I want to make a difference in the world and do work that matters. As my head hits the pillow each night I want to know that I lived fully that day, I loved unconditionally, and I did something that mattered. 

In order for me to achieve this, I have to be intentional about my day and life. I can’t allow the little things to stand in my way and get me off track. The Bible tells us to watch and pray. I believe we need to take inventory of our lives daily, and see if the devil has derailed us in any way. The only we can overcome our problems is if we acknowledge them, develop a plan to overcome them, and then take action daily. When we follow these three steps then we can learn to overcome our circumstances—before the little things turn into great big things.

Love and blessings, 


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