Real Talk: Where Do I Go From Here?

Lately, I have felt as if there is something that I need to be doing, something I should be focusing on that I am missing. The problem is that I am not entirely sure what that something is. Yesterday, I sat down at my desk and looked at my various plans and started researching different options. After a little while, I became frustrated and overwhelmed. 

People ask me all the time when I’m going to write a new book, and I’m just not sure. While I am writing every day in this blog, I don’t feel the urge or need to write a new book at this time. When I write a book it usually gets a hold of me and won’t let go until I write it. I dream about it, think about it constantly, and have a deep need to write what is on my heart. I do feel a need to write daily, but it’s for this blog and not a book. 

Yesterday, it seemed overwhelming to me because I felt like I had to figure it all out right then. Sometimes the beauty, however, is found in the exploring and dreaming. Perhaps God wants me to explore different options and try things that I haven’t tried before. Right now, I just feel I need to open my heart and spend more time with Him. It’s the thinking and questioning and listening that helps me to discover the path He wants me to take. 

Sometimes I get frustrated with the journey, but I trust God to help me. He has blessed me with an amazing career and I know in my heart that He’s not finished with me yet. Because I still have a deep desire in my heart to help others. In the meantime, I will continue to write, explore, dream, and show up every day. Then one day, when I least expect it, He will bless my efforts. And we will all marvel at His greatness. That’s how it happens. 

Love and blessings, 


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